Behind any object, dress or shoe there is much more than just the triviality of shape.
Our ideas stem from a mix of values, trends and emotions. For this reason, we love to travel, observe and listen. Learn, propose and advance.


Through our creations we try to convey this spirit of design and purpose. We want the result of our work to encompass thousands subtle facets; because the details make all the difference.
LandoeBadon starts from here.

Alex Lando

Alex Lando

Marco Badon

Marco Badon


An innovative approach combined with tradition allows us to work on the development of different categories of footwear, including Casual, Active, Fashion and Dress.

For the realization of prototypes we employ qualified external resources, selected from a long experience.

In addition to the primary services related to fashion design, LandoeBadon has extensive experience regarding secondary services such as graphic communication, photography, illustration, web design & development, advertising and video making.


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